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The Story of Montgomery Eye Care

The concept of Montgomery Eye Care, for over 2 decades of private optometric practice 4 miles north of Princeton, NJ evolved from my childhood. I grew up in Oxford, NY, a small town in the Southern Tier of NYS. My paternal grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. Mat G. Boname, provided the healthcare for my hometown and it's environs. My grandparents met in an operating room, they were both assigned to the same case while in training at Syracuse Medical School. Immediately after their marriage in August of 1928, they saw patients side by side in their home office. The rest, as they say, is history. I identified with and emulated my grandfather, and I used copies of family photographs as postcards to notify my patients that it was time for their annual eye exam, to thank them for referring new patients, or to thank them for filling their spectacle Rx at my office.

I was educated at Cornell University (BS Neurobiology & Behavior), Bucknell University (MS Biology), and The New England College of Optometry (O.D.) After graduating from NECO, I moved to New Jersey, and spent the first 3.5 years of my career, as an associate in an optometric practice. I realized that the only way for me to create a concierge-like environment in which to care for my patients, necessitate opening my own practice. In addition, I was fortunate to cross paths with a well-trained licensed optician who shared my dream of creating a destination practice.

On a lovely night in 1997, Mary and Ben were having dinner at a restaurant full of memorabilia and old family photos. It made them ache for a time in their young lives when everyone was treated warmly and respectfully. Who wouldn't want to be treated this way now? Why couldn't they create that kind of environment in a modern day optometric practice? Why couldn't they bring the latest optometric and optical technology & fashion and combine it with old fashioned and caring service? They could!

Montgomery Eye Care is the loving culmination of their collective dream.

For more than 2 decades, Montgomery Eye Care has provided exceptional eye care and eyewear in our community. It's a place of comfort and fashion. A place of technology with  "a peaceful, easy feeling". It's the place to come if you just want to be treated well. It's that easy.
Montgomery Eye Care opened it's doors on December 26, 1997. To this day, I have to pinch myself that this office is ours. We opened cold in December 1997 (no pun intended), and built this practice that has been described as "Cheers" without the alcohol, or like being a guest in our home. Patients have told me that I am the only doctor that they look forward to seeing, and I feel the same way about them. In the beginning, we participated with 8 managed care plans, but within 3 years, we had eliminated all of them. I wanted to grow my practice with patients who valued the professional service I provided. I wanted them to choose me despite the fact that I didn't participate with their plan. This allowed me the opportunity to spend more time with each patient, to educate my patients on joining me to take the best possible care of their eyes, their vision, and their systemic health. I have transformed my practice into a Dry Eye Center of Excellence and a Preventive Care/Wellness Practice.
Montgometry Eye Care's Eye Doctor and Staff Provide
Quality Eye Care and Personalized Service You Can Trust

Montgomery Eye Care

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Montgomery Eye Care in Skillman New Jersey
Dr. Boname and the caring staff provide personalized 'One-on-One' eye care. The Montgomery Eye Care in Skillman NJ has earned their reputations of providing the finest in eye healthcare, eyewear and contact lenses.

We will make every effort to take a complete approach to your eye care. This means that we will take the time to not only understand your eye health and visual needs, but your general health, lifestyle, and dietary habits as well. This is somewhat rare in health care today, but we think you will find it to be a refreshing change.

At Montgomery Eye Care, it is our goal to consistently provide the very best care for you and your families eye and vision care needs. In order to maintain this we have hired professionally trained dedicated staff and incorporate the newest technology to help us provide you with a lifetime of clear vision and optimal eye health. Come experience the kind of Eye Care that you and your family deserve.

YOU come first ... ALWAYS! We simply just won’t allow insurance companies to dictate the quality of the eye care you need nor do we let them put restrictions on the glasses or contacts you want. We personalize your care and never put a time limit on your eye exams or eyewear consultations, something you cannot get online or anywhere else. We are your advocates for your eyes. You can choose from the large variety of contact lens brands and the finest eyeglasses and sunglasses from the world’s leading design houses.

Montgomery Eye Care is located in Skillman, NJ (just minutes from Princeton), Montgomery Eye Care is simply old fashioned service combined with 21st-century optical technology. Come visit or call us today.

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