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Aline and Maggi J..
It is a pleasure to speak about Montgomery Eye Care. We appreciate Dr. Boname's and Ben's expertise and their full attention to our eye sight and eye health. The staff members are patient and understanding, including with the member of our family who has memory problems. There is a friendly atmosphere. We think very highly of Montgomery Eye Care. Our experience over the years has been wonderful. It is a very special place to us. We would highly recommended it.

Kristin S.
I have been living in New York City for three years and I was unable to find a optometrist as thorough and caring as Dr. Boname. I have always had problems with dry eye but within the last year I was unable to wear my contact lenses due to chronic infections of conjunctivitis. Within that time I have seen countless doctors in order to solve my eye problem. While home for a visit with my family I went to see Dr. Boname because she had been the only doctor I truly had the utmost confidence and trust in her abilities. Since then my eyes have been clear and I have been able to wear my contacts whenever I wanted to without the fear of conjunctivitis. Ben thank you so much for fixing my glasses, I'll be back to order new ones soon. No one does a better job then Montgomery Eye Care!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Caryl Emerson - Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Princeton University.
For eye health, better and more friendly professionals than Dr. Boname and Ben simply don't exist. I've never had a problem that she couldn't address - or a lens or frame that he couldn't adjust. For all her thousands of patients, the office makes you feel like you're coming into a place that knows your personal history. Wonderful chemistry at every level!

Billy and Kathy M.
We had experience with an eye care facility that thought we were a number, not a human . . . the frustrations were many. Another doctor suggested Dr. Boname, who was just around the corner from us. Why did we travel a half hour to be mistreated when first class care was in our neighborhood? We walked in stone cold, were warmly greeted, professionally treated, our options were clearly explained to us, our budget was considered, our glasses were exactly what we needed and delivered on time and perfect. We've had two "emergencies" where objects had gotten into our eyes, we literally "dropped in" and were welcomed, received treatment and all well within minutes. Hard to say enough good things about Montgomery Eye Care. They have set a new standard for the profession to strive for. Many thanks again to you and Ben for all you do to care for your patients.

George J.
You select an Eye Care Specialist for their qualifications and their service. At Montgomery Eye Care, Dr. Mary Boname and her seasoned staff have provided both since the day they opened here in Montgomery. I gladly refer friends and family to Dr. Boname, and they too have come away with a professional and pleasant experience.

Chris B.
Dr. Mary Boname has been caring for my eyes for a long time. The first thing that impressed me was her office ambiance, which is warm, welcoming, thoroughly professional and attentive. I never have to wait for more than five minutes to be seen. Dr. Boname is the centerpiece of the practice. She is very well trained, experienced, focused and patient-oriented. She is quick but never fails to take time to listen. Her diagnostic skills are reliably reassuring and on target. Her treatments and recommendations have always solved the problem I had. The support services offered by Optician Ben Fazio are absolutely committed to patient satisfaction. Ben just won't rest until I am satisfied with my glasses.
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Montgomery Eye Care
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